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Maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile requires regular maintenance. We provide high-quality services to help preserve your oral health. Not only will we improve your hygiene in our office through routine cleanings, but we will also help explain how you can keep your teeth clean and healthy at home.


Not all aspects of dentistry are functional, some are meant to improve the look of your smile. At our office, we consider the aesthetics of your smile and approach cosmetic dentistry as an art rather than a procedure. We offer many options for adjusting the color, alignment, and construction of teeth to create the smile you have always wanted. Call us today about your options.


At Georgetown North Dental Group, we are dedicated to fixing the alignment of your teeth and improving your bite, no matter your age. Our doctors have extensive training in all aspects of orthodontics. Our staff continues to educate themselves in this area as the techniques for comfort and success are ever changing. When minor tooth movement is required, we provide Invisalign and other retainers.


Our talented team members are experts when it comes to oral surgery. Whether you need a root canal, a replacement tooth, or other complex procedure, you can count on us to help. We provide a variety of corrective and restorative services using reliable diagnostic methods like Digital X-rays to identify teeth that need fillings, root canals, or gum disease care.


Georgetown North Dental Group offers dental implant services. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. While dentures can be effective in some cases, implants more closely resemble a natural tooth both in appearance and in function. Inserting a dental implant is an extremely successful procedure with a success rate of over 98%, and minimal time is needed to fully recover from the procedure.


When your teeth are in pain, you will want dental care fast. Call Georgetown North Dental Group when you need emergency dental services. Our friendly staff is happy to accommodate you when you are in a pinch, we will get you in quickly to see a dentist to evaluate your emergency. Call us for availability.

We Accept Most Insurances. Call Our Office for Details.


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